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Visual Acuity

At Khyber Eye Foundation, we prioritize accurate visual assessments to ensure optimal eye health for our patients. As part of our comprehensive approach to eye care, we conduct visual acuity tests, a fundamental procedure that evaluates the clarity of vision.

Visual acuity testing is a key diagnostic tool used to assess the sharpness and clarity of a patient’s vision. It measures the ability of the eyes to discern details and distinguish objects at a specific distance, typically 20 feet or 6 meters, using standardized eye charts such as the Snellen chart or the LogMAR chart.

During the test, patients are asked to read letters or symbols of varying sizes from a distance, covering one eye at a time. The smallest line of characters that can be accurately identified determines the visual acuity score. This score is expressed as a fraction, with the numerator representing the distance at which the test is conducted (usually 20 feet or 6 meters) and the denominator indicating the smallest line of characters correctly identified.

Our skilled optometrists and ophthalmologists meticulously administer visual acuity tests, ensuring precise results that guide personalized treatment plans. These tests play a crucial role in diagnosing refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, and presbyopia, as well as detecting potential vision problems or eye diseases.

At Khyber Eye Foundation, we are committed to providing comprehensive eye care services of the highest quality, and visual acuity testing is an integral part of our commitment to preserving and enhancing the vision of our patients. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive eye examination and experience the difference our expertise makes in optimizing your eye health and visual clarity.