Khyber Eye Foundation

Sight is the Basic Human Right

Vision for All: Transformative Impact of the Khyber Eye Foundation's Free Eye Camp

In a commendable effort to expand access to eye care, the dedicated team at the Khyber Eye Foundation organized a groundbreaking event—an impactful free eye camp held at their facility, Khyber Eye Foundation Gulbahar No. 4, Peshawar, on March 2, 2024. This initiative aimed to bridge the gap in eye health services, ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds have equal access to essential care, regardless of their socio-economic status.

The event drew significant attention and participation, with 128 patients benefitting from the comprehensive services offered. This included 69 male adults, 51 female adults, 6 male children, and 2 female children, reflecting the diverse demographics of the local community. Central to the services provided were 62 individuals who received free eyeglasses, addressing immediate visual impairments and promising improved visual acuity for a brighter future. Additionally, 187 patients received essential medicines, underscoring the foundation’s commitment to promoting overall well-being alongside eye health.

Furthermore, the event served as a platform to identify and address more complex eye conditions requiring specialized care. Sixteen patients were strategically referred to the Khyber Eye Foundation in Peshawar for cataract surgery, ensuring comprehensive treatment for intricate eye conditions and reaffirming the foundation’s dedication to holistic eye care.

The Khyber Eye Foundation, renowned for its unwavering commitment to eradicating blindness and promoting eye health, extends its impact beyond hospital walls through initiatives like free eye camps. By fostering a culture of proactive eye health management within local communities, the foundation empowers individuals to take charge of their eye health, preventing avoidable vision impairment and blindness.

These community-centric initiatives align with the foundation’s mission to establish access to high-quality eye care as a fundamental right. By restoring sight and dignity to individuals and families grappling with visual impairments, the foundation embodies the transformative power of vision, illuminating pathways to brighter futures and contributing to the collective well-being of society.