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Endurance and Transformation: Mr. Abdul Karim's Tale of Overcoming Vision Obstacles

Mr. Abdul Karim, a 78-year-old resident of Malik Din Khel, Umar Khan Khel, Dakhana Bara,Chargai Dagray, Tehsil Bara, Zila Khyber Agency, confronts an
intricate tale of resilience and vision challenges. His family comprises three sons and six daughters, yet they remain distant, providing no assistance.

Amidst financial struggles, Mr. Abdul Karim toiled as a laborer in the fields, driven by a resolute willpower and tenacity. His children, detached from his hardships, neither provided aid nor paid regular visits.

The narrative takes a turn with his eyesight becoming a point of concern over the past three to four years. Through word of mouth, he discovered the Khyber Eye Foundation, a beacon of hope for his ailing eyes. Visiting the foundation on October 2, 2023, he received the distressing diagnosis of cataracts, yet the financial constraints restrained him from seeking treatment elsewhere.

A transformative moment emerged on October 19, 2023, as Mr. Abdul Karim underwent cataract surgery at the Khyber Eye Foundation, a procedure generously supported by the Fred Hallows Foundation. Post-surgery, his vision significantly improved from 6/60 to 6/24, invoking immense joy and gratitude. He fervently expressed his appreciation through heartfelt prayers for the diligent efforts of the hospital’s staff and doctors.

This saga encapsulates Mr. Abdul Karim’s unwavering determination, show casing the remarkable impact that philanthropic support and medical intervention can have on an individual’s life, rekindling hope and rejuvenating a sense of joy and gratitude.