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Q 1. Does Khyber Eye Foundation charges any amount for treatment at Hospital?

Ans. Only Rs. 20/- are charged for OPD and no amount is charged from deserving patients for Cataract Surgeries.

Q 2. How one can request a copy of his medical record?

Ans. The Medical Record can be made available to any patient on his request during office hours.

Q 3. How soon after cataract surgery the patient can leave the hospital?

Ans. The patient is not detained in the hospital rather he can leave the hospital after one hour of his surgery.

Q4. What precautions are required to be taken by the patient after his / her surgery?

Ans. The patient is required to take following precautions after the surgery

  •        Use sun Glasses
  •        Use Medicines as prescribe by the Doctor
  •        Not to rub his / her operated eye
  •        Avoid sleeping on that side of the eye which has been operated upon at least week
  •        Ensure that not to wash the eye for a week, however wet tissue can be used  

Q5. When the patient should visit to doctor after his / her surgery?

Ans. The patient should visit to doctor as under.

  •      Next Day for Post up 
  •      After 10 days 
  •      After 4 Weeks