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  • After You Die ... Donate Your Eye...
  • Vision gives you the impulse.. to make the picture your own..
  • Nature and Books belong to the eyes that see them
  • Sight is the basic human right..


The KEF is performing its job from 2001. The Hospital will need a lot of fund to run.

Your contributions, Donations, and Zakat will assist the management of KEF to make all requisites facilities available for the treatment of eye patients, in the Eye Hospital of KEF.

As assured by Almighty Allah, in his holy Book, the reward for you. Valuable contributions, donations, and zakat for the welfare of poor, needy and disabled human fellows beings lies with Allah. We therefore, request to please step forward and join the management to redress the miseries of blinds and visually impaired, who are awaiting to get restored / rehabilitate their vision as early as possible.