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  • After You Die ... Donate Your Eye...
  • Vision gives you the impulse.. to make the picture your own..
  • Nature and Books belong to the eyes that see them
  • Sight is the basic human right..



(Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) Peshawar


Article I. Name of the Foundation shall be "Khyber Eye Foundation"

Article II. Area of Operation:- The area of operation of the foundation shall be in Peshawar, but will be expanded to the whole of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, including tribal area and other parts of Pakistan / neighbor countries.

Article III. Office: The Head Office of the Foundation shall be located in Peshawar.

Article IV. The Foundation will work on charity basis

Article V. Aims and Objectives

(a) To encourage and promote activities for prevention and control of blindness so as to reduce the prevalence of blindness from 1% to less than 0.5%.

(b) To adopt, both short and long term strategies in order to achieve the above objective.

(c) To encourage and promote research in ascertaining the magnitude, causes and distribution of blindness in all age groups.

(d) To motivate and encourage people of Pakistan to donate their eyes after death so as to reduce the large pool of corneal blindness.

(e) To encourage and promote cataract outreach programs in the underserved rural areas so as to reduce the cataract backlog.

(f) To assist the government in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of long term and sustainable programs for the prevention and control of blindness.

(g) To make effective use of news papers, public magazines, posters and electronic media for promotion of eye health and prevention of blindness.

(h) To assist the government and non governmental organization in the education and rehabilitation of visually handicapped people.

(i) To take all appropriate measures for raising funds and acquisition of property, movable or immovable for the Foundation

(j) To try and establish, much close laison between Local, Provincial and Federal Governments, WHO and other national and international non governmental organizations involved in the prevention and control of blindness.

(k) To take all appropriate legal steps in order to achieve the above mentioned objectives of the Foundation.

(l) To get affiliation with other national and international societies / foundations / Clubs and trusts